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JenUwin the Traveling Unicorn
Exploring 4 countries and improve your reading and engagement from the comfort of your own home
  • PenPal Style: a new way of learning about the world
  • Informative and Engaging: a refreshing option for educational content
  • Colorful Pictures and Unique Videos: unlocking your child's interest and curiosity
  • ​Activity Sheet and Coloring page: to support the educational content

JenUwin the Traveling Unicorn

online letters from around the world from 4 different countries helping your child to read while exposing them to other cultures!
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Also featured in the JenUwin Joy Rainbow Academy

Musical Playtime

learn songs in engaging videos then play with me online in weekly music class 
plus access to all replays
  • World Folk Songs
  • ​Silly Songs & Camps Songs
  • ​Childhood Classics
  • ​Rhythm Games
  • ​Instrument Exploration
  • ​Hand Jives
  • ​Songs with Dances
  • ​Movement & Singing

The Musical Playtime programs are featured in the Rainbow Academy

The Land of Colors
  • Rainbow Style: a new way of learning about some of the classical instruments of the orchestra
  • Making Music: learn how instrument blow, buzz or blow to make sound!
  • Informative and Engaging: a refreshing option for educational content
  • Live Performance video: so your child feels they are part of the show!

The Land of Colors eBook

a unique musical about how instruments make sounds, how  to help others different than you and sing the colors of the rainbow with 8 orchestral instruments with narration and a JenUwin Unicorn!
Price: $19.99

The Magic Cape eBook

a musical travel story about a girl who meets a unicorn and visits eight countries discovering folk songs from each location and singing with a live band

All of the Musical Story eBooks are in the JenUwin Joy Rainbow Academy

what is awesome about these programs is they are designed so that you can have a variety of ways to engage your child alone or engage with your child 

Comprehensive Creative Arts
Gender Neutral
Elementary & Middle School Ages

  • Music: Singing, Dancing, Music Foundations, Instruments and World Explorations
  • Literacy: Learn to read, practice reading, participate in creative art writing
  • Global Studies: discover countries of the world thru travel and mythology
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