Musical Education about the Instruments of the Orchestra from a Musical Unicorn

A first of its kind revolutionary Musical Unicorn Performance eBook 
with clickable video links and audio narration!

This is a musical show that will vastly improve 
your knowledge of musical instruments 
regardless of your level. 
(Interactive Digital E-Book) 
Live audience show that will inspire your child 
to listen and discover instruments!

 A must have for any music or unicorn fan 
regardless of the age or level. 
Original educational and fun songs!

Written by Jenifer Joy aka JenUwin the Unicorn 
for 6 instruments of the classical orchestra 

Meet musicians and instruments of the orchestra!
Enjoy songs about colors and watch how being helpful makes magic!
​Discover how instruments buzz, blow and bow!

Songs include:
 The Land of Colors, If You Got The Sun, Purple, and Sing A Rainbow

Instruments include:
 trombone, cello, trumpet, double bass, bassoon, violin and saxophone.
What You Are Going to Get:
  • Original and Arranged Songs to learn and sing with
  • ​A story about a unicorn who gains her colors by being helpful to those who are different from her
  • ​Engaging Edutainment
  • ​Knowledge about 6 instruments in the orchestra
  • ​How instruments make sound
  • ​The parts of musical instruments
  • ​Narration to support the content
  • ​Videos to watch from an audience of kids
A story about a unicorn who lives in the Land of Silver Sparkles where the resident glories of unicorns only see the color of silver. Our unicorn protagonist dreams in brilliant colors, and after waking from another colorful dream, she decides she will go on an adventure to find this Land of Colors!

During her journey thru the wilderness, she encounters orchestral instruments playing in the woods. However, something is amiss with each instrument as a strange sound occurs amidst wonderful tunes. The unicorn approaches and inquires about what the instruments is and how the sound is being made, providing kids with a fun-filled introduction to orchestral instruments. The unicorn interacts with each instrument and identifies key components of the instruments (such as the the slide, valves, strings, keys, bows, mouthpieces etc.) 

JenUwin discovered the difference between buzzing, blowing, and bowing and earns her rainbow stripes!

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