Edutainment Letters from a Unicorn!
These Letters Have Helped Kids and Unicorns Fans of Every Level
Letters from a unicorn 
That promote literacy & Global Studies 

Temples in Cambodia

(Interactive Digital E-Book) Letters 
that will inspire your child to read and engage with the content.

 A must have subscription for any unicorn fan 
regardless of the age or level. 

Written by Jenifer Joy aka JenUwin the Unicorn 
from the travels she has personally taken on wild adventures 
all around the world partaking in different experiences. 

 A first of its kind revolutionary Unicorn Book 
with clickable video links to support the written content.
What You Are Going to Get:
  • Online Access to Letters of Adventures from 4 countries including Cambodia, Iceland, Zimbabwe and Thailand. you'll get them once a week for a month!
  • Read-along Narration​ so you can learn or practice reading
  • ​Downloadable Activity Sheet so you can learn more
  •  Downloadable Coloring Page so you can enjoy yourself
  • ​ Downloadable Graphic so you can collect them all
  • ​ Curated Personal Photos: so you can have a unique view
  • ​ Videos made from JenUwin's travels: so you can feel like you are there too
Topics discussed include geography, animals, culture, nature, holidays and unicorn magic!

Activity sheet includes map, flag, coat of arms, facts to find out, a secret code and message to decipher, images to color, and learn how to say the word "smile" in the native language of each country.

See What Our Customers Are Saying
This is a collection of letters that will vastly improve your ability to read regardless of your level. 
  • Videos so you can experience being there
  • Pictures so you can see nature and culture
  • Activity Sheet so you can discover more
  • Coloring Page so you can color your own unicorn
  • Delivered weekly: So you can have something to look forward 
  • Colorful images and videos: So you can feel like you've had an experience in the country
  • Keep your child engaged and interested with new facts and info!
  • Gender/Age Neutral - appropriate for all ages as there is material in there for all levels
  • On & Off Screen Activities to support the content!
Would You Like To Know The Unicorn That Has Turned  Kids into Readers?

Cambodia, Iceland
Zimbabwe, Thailand

Virtual letters from around the world from 4 different countries helping your child to read while exposing them to other cultures through a new unicorn friend!
  • Literacy
  • ​Global Studies
  • ​Creative Writing
JenUwin the Unicorn is the most amazing penpal I always wanted for my child but never even knew was possible. Iceland, Zimbabwe, son has learned so many amazing facts and new vocabulary words reading JenUwin's letters. With his school, parks and all our favorite places closed due to covid-19, it's been really tough. But somehow JenUwin keeps us smiling and lets us know there are still so many reasons to be joyful! And, it's really nice to have awesome off-screen activities that keep my kiddo engaged and expressing his creativity while I'm taking care of things around the house. Who knew that unicorns had such an amazing magical postal delivery service? So glad we found you!  Thank you, JenUwin!
Parent of 12 yo, Seattle, WA
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