About JenUwin/Jenifer Joy
My name is Jenifer Joy aka JenUwin the Unicorn.

I am an entertainer/educator who helps parents who are educating at home create a well rounded educational experience thru dynamic interactive creative arts curriculum programs.

As a professional unicorn for the last 6 years, I've developed shows, programs, birthday parties, telegrams for schools, libraries, festivals, and more! 

With the onset of COVID-19, I've moved my content online into a creative arts curriculum that meets many MENC and Oregon Standard of the Arts benchmarks. These programs are interactive, entertaining & educational.

With degrees in performance, saxophone, composition and theatre, I love to use my gifts and skills to delight my audiences young and old with quality 'edutainment' about world culture, unicorn lore, and classical music! What a mix!

My mission is to share my unique content with those who resonate with alternative education that fosters creativity, inspiration, and exposure to the amazing things in the world.

Fun Fact! JenUwin shares her birthday with #NationalUnicornDay - amazing!

PS. I love Purple. Truly! 
I love purple so much I wrote a song about it and then made 2 music videos! 
Quite Fun & Informative! Check them out!

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Old Town Road - Unicorn Style


Jenifer is an enthusiastic, self-motivated, highly reliable and skilled leader. Jenifer was chosen to direct the Choristers program after a rigorous application process. The position required skills not only in music conducting but also in communications, curriculum design, and classroom management. With our program vision clearly in her sights, she led the Choristers with passion and dedication and her talent both musically and administratively was impressive. Jenifer proceeded to develop our children's education programming to four successful after-school world music singing clubs at six elementary schools, directly increasing our organization's impact by 75%. 

Jenifer not only worked for us in the capacity of Choristers Music Director for 3 years but also as an independent performance artist who offered dynamic, educational world music assemblies for elementary schools called The Magic Cape. Her joyful enthusiasm, musical skill, and driven work ethic never wavered under our employment. Simply put, Jenifer has had a very significant impact on the great reputation for high quality education and programming that Rogue World Music enjoys.

Megan Danforth, founding President of Rogue World Music, a nonprofit organization with a mission to build community and cultural awareness through world music performance, education, and participation.
I have worked directly with Jenifer Joy for over 2 years. Jenifer has primarily taught the students various songs, dances, playing of musical instruments as well as music history. She has multiple experiences working with students in the classroom, extracurricular activities such as music clubs and fun events for students to participate in. I recommend Jenifer due to her passion and enthusiasm as well as her ability to understand the needs of children. 

Before Jenifer, my classroom had music and dreaded it every day. Kids would repeatedly ask to not participate and didn’t want to do music because the way it was being taught wasn’t in an enthusiastic way and was too difficult for them to understand. One of Jenifer’s strongest abilities is her ability to understand the needs of her students. She has completely changed my class’s attitude toward music over the last 2 years. She makes the material fun for the students so they can relate and is able to move at a pace that is appropriate for the students to learn. It is honestly incredible how much the kids will be able to do, after a year of music with Jenifer. 

Another strong ability Jenifer has is her passion and enthusiasm toward teaching. She genuinely loves working with the students and is excited to share everything that she knows. The kids see this enthusiasm and become excited about what they are learning. She cares for each student and always makes an effort to address individual needs so that each student feels appreciated. The passion and enthusiasm that Jenifer exudes is infectious and what makes her a successful teacher at any school she works with. 

Jenifer works hard for her students, is able to adapt to the needs of the classroom and is extremely passionate about helping students become the best they can. I highly recommend Jenifer and strongly believe anyone is lucky to have her. 

Kyle Carson, 3/4th grade teacher

Jenifer Joy hired my 16 year old bassoonist to play in her astounding production called “The Land of Colors.”  From the moment I walked into Phoenix Elementary, I was taken back by Jennifer’s professionalism and ability to organize the stage and work with teenagers. Everything was set up, and there was even time to rehearse a bit before the elementary school kids came in. I was blown away by her energy and enthusiasm.   

The kids filed in and were mesmerized by Jenifer’s acting and singing. She kept their rapt attention for a full hour. She had them eating out of her hands and eagerly participating. They listened quietly and they cheered and clapped. Not only did Land of Colors entertain them, but it introduced them to a wide variety of instruments. Jenifer taught them not only about the different timbres and characteristics of each instrument, but taught a steady stream of important life lessons, too. She modeled asking permission before touching an instrument. She stressed the importance of inclusivity of all colors and sounds. She demonstrated respect and curiosity. Surely these are lessons that have broader applications in today’s world.  

After the performance, Jenifer interacted with the children, giving them high-fives and shaking hands. They surrounded her and clamored around her. Jenifer’s positivity and joy simply filled the room. I would recommend Jen wholeheartedly to work with any age group.

Gwen Hutchings, parent and former Rogue Valley Symphony orchestra musician
I am a long-time friend of Jenifer Joy’s. We have been friends for well over 25 years. I am a mother to an almost 5 year old girl. Jenifer has been deeply committed to bringing the joy and fun of music to young kids for many years now. She combines the most astonishing level of magic and enthusiasm with a well of hard earned knowledge. The result has brought countless kids (including mine) to love and understand music in a way that only she can do. The programs that she has developed are brilliant. I have watched children’s eyes light up over and over again at the sight of her and have seen the learning happen in real time. My daughter squeals in delight any time she sees Jenifer aka ‘the purple lady’. Jenifer has always been loving, kind, thoughtful and responsible with my daughter. I trust her implicitly. 

I have seen her interact not just with my daughter, but with many children over the years. She always treats them with absolute care and respect. She is a natural leader and also has an immense desire to serve the community she lives in. Every child that crosses her path feels heard and empowered by her, something that far too few children feel most of the time. I would highly recommend Jenifer to work in any setting with children with no qualms. 

Jinnee Joos, parent, long term history and community member

Photo Highlights

Bubbles for Birthday Parties!

The Land of Colors Musical Show

Teaching in Thailand

Classical Saxophone Ambassador

Electro-Acoustic Saxophone Performance

The Magic Cape Performance to 800 students

The Orchestral Outcast - original show about the classical saxophone written commissioned by Britt Music & Arts Festival

"Clown School" in Arhus, Denmark
Comedia Del Art'e

Celebrating #NationalDay in Iceland

Batu Caves in Malaysia for Diwali

Bubble Master Tom Noddy was my childhood icon

Library Summer Reading Programs

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